Monday, January 10, 2011

Paper Clip Madness!

It all began when I participated in my first craft show a couple of months ago.  My paperclip bookmarks were my very best seller.  I tested the theory again when my friend did a craft show by sending a batch with her.  Guess what?  They ALL sold!  lol  So knowing that I will continue to make the bookmarks to sell, I needed some paperclips.  It's really tough to find the large 4" paperclips and almost impossible to find them in silver tone.  I found a supplier online, but that meant I needed to buy LOTS of paperclips.  I admit it, I have a problem when it comes to shopping, but I did what any crafter would do, I bought a bunch.  lol  My husband thinks I've lost my mind, my mother thinks I'm a hoarder, and one of my friends said, "What could you possibly do with that many paperclips?"  So friends, I'm listing them for sale.  I'm selling for almost what I paid, but I needed to pad in a little to pay for shipping (the shipping I paid to receive them and what I'll be paying to ship them out.)  They are $5/dozen (with a small discount to people who order 3 or 4 dozen) and that includes shipping to US addresses.  I have the paypal link set up to pay directly.  I will go to the post office to mail orders every Friday, so keep that in mind when you order, please.  :)     ***Note, after taking my first round of paperclips to the post office today to mail out, I was shocked at how much shipping cost.  I guess they are heavier than I thought!  lol  Anyway, that's why I had to increase the fee.  I actually lost money on the ones I shipped today, but now I know better.  hehe***

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  1. It IS impossible to find silver ones! So glad you have them. :) I just placed my order.

    Oh...and thanks for the ice cream cone idea with the petal punch!