Sunday, May 1, 2011

My hybrid scrapbook page

It's May 1st which means the paper I used on this scrapbook layout is officially retired, but I still wanted to post it anyway.  I found taking a photo of a scrapbook page to be rather difficult.  I tried to prop it up like I do my cards and it was too heavy to support itself.  I ended up putting my long sizzix plates behind it for support.  I put it on the balcony like I do when I photography cards.  Guess what happened?  It crashed to the ground.  lol  It lodged into a big bush and my husband ended up having to dig it out for me.  I finally opened my exterior door and propped it up against it (while still using the plates.)  It worked, barely.  I think this may be the last scrapbook page I ever post, so enjoy.  lol  I used My Digital Studio to make things to go on this page.  I did my title with a digital stamp and then added text.  I did all my long journaling with text.  And I did my squares using text that I then digitally stamped an image over.  My result was a relatively easy scrapbook layout done the old fashioned way but with new digital elements.

PS - There is a footnote to this story.  This was the first time I've ever used my Stampin' Up supplies to make a scrapbooking layout.  (Weird, right?)  I have been scrapbooking for a much longer time than I've been stamping.  And perhaps that is why I keep things separated.  I have my crafting space divided with my scrapbooking paper and embellishments in a separate area from my paper crafting and card making supplies.  This page is the first time my card supplies have moved to the scrapbooking area, but I suspect now that it's happened, I will start mixing the two more often.  Friends who know this will be shocked.  lol  Thanks for visiting, see you next time!

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