Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tissue Paper

Do you like to recycle things?  Did you know you can make a card using tissue paper?  Granted, you could just buy some tissue paper at the dollar store, but I just save what is packaged in gifts I receive.  I sometimes stamp on it and then crumple it up before sticking it onto cardstock.  However, for this card, I used watercolor paper (to keep the moisture in the glue from curling the paper.)  I stamped a background image onto the watercolor paper and then stamped and colored another image onto my white tissue paper.  I applied a thin layer of watered-down glue to the watercolor paper and smoothed the tissue onto it.  I didn't want the crumpled look for this card, so I made sure to smooth it out.  Once completely dry, I tore away the excess tissue and distressed the edges before applying it to my card.  Here's the finished product.  (PS- I'm happy to say that only the ribbon used on this card is retiring!)

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