Monday, August 8, 2011

Where's the sunshine?

I know it's often overcast and rainy in Oregon, but lately there has been an abundance of sun.  Each day when I'm ready to post a new batch of card swaps I go out onto my balcony and take photos.  You see, I have a simple point-n-click camera and I don't own a special photo box like some bloggers.  I feel like I can get away with this simplicity because the cards usually turn out well in natural light.  I guess I was just shocked today that there is no sunshine.  Anyway, I still took the photos and I'll still post them.  At least for the ones in the cello envelopes, the lack of sunshine probably will be better since there will be nothing to reflect. 
 Michelle Brownstein
 Bobbi Kincel
 Jill Nolan

Andrea Spagnola

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