Sunday, October 16, 2011

Small folder embossing

In this catalog, Stampin' Up introduced a new style of embossing folders.  They are smaller frames and come 2 to a package.

I love them because of their versatility on cards and scrapbooking pages.  However, I was having a problem embossing with them.  I have a Cuttlebug (I know that I sell the Sizzix Big Shot thru Stampin' Up, but I have a tiny crafting space and even housing the little Cuttlebug took some great organizational skill.  lol)  Anyway, normally I use 2 "B" plates and my "A" plate for my embossing folders and it works fine.  However with the smaller folders my embossing was bad.  I was picking up the outline of the folder and it was even cutting thru the embossed image.
Last night I went to the Home Depot.  I purchased some thin rubber in the plumbing supply section.  It's called Gasket Rubber and is 1/16" thick.  It came 2 sheets to a package for $4.57.  The sheets were just a little too wide to easily fit thru the Cuttlebug, so I trimmed one side down about 1/4".
I used the same folder again.  This time, however, I used the "C" plate, this rubber, the paper inside the embossing folder, and the "A" plate (in that order from top to bottom.)  I ran it thru the machine and here's the new embossed image.  My image isn't cut.  The edges of the folder are very faint and are really not noticeable unless looking for them.  Plus there is no crinkling on one side like before.  I think it's a great fix for very little $$$.  :)  
I'm not sure if the Big Shot users have the same problem, but if so, I think they could also benefit from visiting the hardware store.  :)

***Attn Corvallis Stampers:  I had a cancellation for my Stamp-A-Stack.  If you want to come please contact me soon.  It's Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30PM. *** 

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