Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A tool for the color impaired

I'm not an artist.  I took art as what I thought would be an easy elective in college.  I did so poorly that I made a "C" and lowered my grade point average.  I just don't have the right-brain thinking required to be really creative.  But that doesn't stop me because I love crafting.  I just sometimes need a little help especially when it comes to color.  If it were up to me all my cards would be monochromatic.  It's hard for me to step outside the box and combine colors, but fortunately I have help.

Stampin' Up sells something called a Color Coach.  To me, it's so much better than a regular color wheel because it has all the Stampin' Up colors included.  Today I wanted to make a card and I wanted it to look a bit like fall, so I knew I wanted to something with orange.  I selected Peach Parfait as one of the colors I wanted to use.  Then I looked in my Color Coach to get suggestions for other cardstock colors.

I selected the "Creative Combination" and combined the Peach Parfait with Not Quite Navy and Pear Pizzazz.  Finally I looked in the Idea Book & Catalog to get an idea for a card.  I decided to use Flower Fest (found on pg 124) and there was a card I liked pictured above.  I made some small modifications and created this:
The Color Coach is item 120148 and costs $14.95.  It contains the core Stampin' Up colors.  You can purchase additional cards for the "In Colors."  The 2010-2012 is item 121048 and costs $2.50.  The 2011-2013 is item 124886 and costs $2.50 too.  If you want a complete set of all the current Stampin' Up colors, you'd want to purchase all 3 of the items mentioned above.  The cards are also available in multiple language options.  For less than $20 it's an awesome tool for your paper crafting.   

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