Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thank You Notes

Of all the greeting cards I make and send, notes of “thanks” are my most frequent creations.  I always send thank you notes to customers who buy online.  I recognize that money is tight and that when people make a purchase it’s a big deal.  I also recognize that people have choices where they spend their money and I am forever grateful to customers who choose to shop with me.  It doesn’t matter if the order if $10 or $200, I am thankful.  I don’t have a “card of the month” because I create each unique card as I receive orders.  If someone orders from me 3 times in one month, they will get 3 different cards.  I make cards because I enjoy doing it and because I am sincerely grateful.  Yesterday I had an online order from a new customer and I spent some time in my craft room making my new customer a note of thanks.  I thought I’d share it with you. 


I used crumb cake & baja breeze to make this card of heartfelt thanks.  It’s not perfect.  I even had my mono adhesive leak out from one of the hearts when I stuck it down.  But that’s ok.  Homemade cards aren’t perfect, but they are from the heart and each one is special.   

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