Monday, April 30, 2012

Occasions Mini Catalog

The Occasions Mini officially ends today, however, some items are being carried over.  Click here to download the pdf of those products that will continue to be available.

Revision:  This was just posted on the Stampin’ Up demonstrator website. 

Carryover List

“Some of you have had questions about the carryover list for the Occasions Mini Catalog. We don’t typically provide carryover lists for mini catalogs; however this year we created one to show some of the products from the Occasions Mini that would be carrying over to the new annual catalog. On this list we inadvertently included the Bordering on Romance stamp set.”


It looks like more items from the Occasions Mini WILL be included in the new catalog and the company just is keeping it a surprise.  sigh  As soon as I know something, I’ll let you know.  Sorry for any confusion. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

There’s No Place Like Home!

I had a great trip to Florida, but it was SOOOO nice to sleep back in my own bed.  I spent time at my mom’s house in Orange Park and then went to Disney World for a few days.  EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival is happening now and it was just beautiful.  I have a brown thumb, so I was jealous that people could grow things that look so nice.  I took photos of the things I liked and plan to talk to my friend who owns a local farm market to see what I might could keep alive here. 


My husband did a great job keeping up the blog in my absence.  I was sad to see so many of my favorite stamp sets retire.  Then when the retired accessories list was released, I was freaking out to see all those ink pads.  Whew!  Glad they are just changing them instead of retiring all those colors!  I have always liked the felt pads, but I do have customers who don’t feel they are juicy enough.  Perhaps the foam pads will make everyone happy.  Needless to say, I plan to keep the ones I have now and just upgrade as new colors are introduced.  I’m all for progress, but I hate waste, so I won’t just toss out the old ones because they are felt. 

I also wanted to clarify the situation on the cardstock.  There are many 12x12 colors listed.  Those colors will only be sold in the color sets in the 12x12 cardstock starting in June, so they aren’t retiring the colors.  And, some of the 12x12 cardstock will still be available in single color packages.  When I spoke with Stampin’ Up they said the more popular colors will still be available that way.  That’s why only some of the 12x12 colors are listed on the retiring list.  They said the same is true for the markers, although it appears to me that most all of them are listed as retiring and will be sold in color sets only starting in June. 

If you have any questions about the things that are retiring, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.  Also, keep in mind that the last day to order from the Occasions Mini Catalog is tomorrow (Monday, April 30th!)  Some of the things are sure to make it to the big catalog in June, but no lists have been released.  If there is something you want and love (say the Mixed Bunch Stamp Set with the coordinating punch,) then don’t delay your order!

Happy Stampin!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Retiring Accessories List

Don't be alarmed because all of the ink pads are changing style so they are all retiring. But also in the next catalog the markers will only be sold in sets, this is the last time you'll be able to buy them individually
See the complete retiring list HERE

P.S. my wife will be home soon and can update further.

Monday, April 23, 2012

On to Disney World

I've had a great time at my mom's house in Orange Park, Florida. I shipped 10 boxes back home to Oregon and I have my extra suitcase stuffed too! Now my mom and I are going to Walt Disney World for a few days before I fly home. I won't have internet access for the rest of this week, but I wanted to let you know that the Retired Accessory list will be released on Wednesday, April 25th. My husband said he will try to get the list and post it to my blog in my absence, but it might be later that evening since he will be at work earlier in the day. Just a reminder too, for those of you who placed your orders while I've been on vacation, I will be sending out your shipping rebates on Monday, April 30th. :) Happy Stampin'

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Retired Stamp Sets

We have all been anxiously waiting to hear which Stampin' Up! rubber stamp sets will be retiring effective May 31, 2012! GOOD NEWS! The Stampin' Up! Retired Stamp List is NOW available!

Click HERE to see the list of over 300 stamp sets that will be retiring. You can also scroll down to see a chart of the stamp sets with links to the images online. I found it easier to view them this way than on the pdf, but everyone is different. These stamp sets will be available for purchase THRU May 31, 2012!

If you plan to order your retiring favorites, be sure to check the Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack for great deals on punches, albums, designer series paper and more. Up to 60% off! 50+ new products were added to clearance this past week! Clearance rack items can ONLY be placed through an on-line order and are available while supplies last!

Don't miss your chance to pre-order new products from the Stampin' Up! Summer Smooches Collection. Ends April 30.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Retired Accessories/Décor Elements Lists will be released on April 25, 2012. Retiring accessories and Stampin'Up! Décor Elements (this line is being discontinued) will only be available while supplies last. BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY!

PLEASE REMEMBER that the Stampin' Up! 2012-2013 Annual Catalog will be released June 1, 2012, a month earlier than in the past. The good news is that with so many stamp sets retiring, the new catalog will be loaded with new products!

** On a personal note, I've been enjoying my time in Florida this week. When I arrived I found that there were many fires burning around the state, as well as in South Georgia. When I saw the ashes falling from the sky, I was ready to hop back onto a plane and head to Oregon! But despite the lack of rain, it's much better now. Hopefully many of those fires are under control now. If you need me while I'm gone, I am checking my email daily until the 22nd. If you order retiring items while I'm away and spend $50, I will mail your shipping rebate when I arrive home on the 30th. Meanwhile, I'm off to enjoy the bright sunshine, clear skies, and warm temperatures. Happy Stampin'! **

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
122637A Christmas Carol $15.95
122635A Christmas Carol $20.95
113488All in the Family $38.95
120477Always Elegant $11.95
116976Always Elegant $14.95
115711A to Z $9.95
120000Autumn Days $17.95
115452Autumn Days $23.95
116503Autumn Splendor $20.95
120549Awash with Flowers $27.95
117062Awash with Flowers $39.95
122542Barnyard Buddies $12.95
122540Barnyard Buddies $16.95
113490Baroque Motifs $27.95
116576Batty for You $23.95
116966Bear Hugs $13.95
118052Beary Best Friends $18.95
118088Beary Best Times $15.95
118050Beary Nice Wishes $16.95
122807Best Friends Forever $17.95
122805Best Friends Forever $23.95
122642Borderlines $16.95
122640Borderlines $22.95
122905Bringing Baby $7.95
120621Broadsheet Accents $11.95
118752Broadsheet Accents $15.95
120738Butterfly Prints $12.95
121049Butterfly Prints $16.95
111610Calendar Alphabet & Numbers $20.95
125829Charming $14.95
116519Charming $19.95
121279Christmas Collage $17.95
115448Christmas Greetings $10.95
121428Christmas Postcard $9.95
115764C Is for Cat $15.95
121976Clearly for You $17.95
121911Clearly for You $23.95
120594Contempo Christmas $11.95
118734Contempo Christmas $15.95
120003Cottage Garden $14.95
117068Cottage Garden $18.95
115330Courage $19.95
111618Crazy For Cupcakes $23.95
114948Curvy Verses $23.95
121151Dark & Dreary $14.95
120837Dark & Dreary $19.95
116816Dasher $8.95
115784D Is for Dog $15.95
115332Dot, Dot, Dot $9.95
121175Elebration $9.95
114484Elegant Thank You $6.95
117120Elizabeth $9.95
122837Empire Alphabet Lower $23.95
122835Empire Alphabet Lower $31.95
122792Empire Alphabet Upper $23.95
122790Empire Alphabet Upper $31.95
123686Everyday Wishes $9.95
120522Every Moment $13.95
117028Every Moment $17.95
115181Extreme Elements $26.95
115368Falling Leaves $21.95
113494Family Accessories $19.95
120471Family Business $17.95
116964Family Business $23.95
116635Family Tree Four-Line Text-and-Image Stamp $20.95
116632Family Tree One-Line Text-and-Image Stamp $14.95
116634Family Tree Three-Line Text-and-Image Stamp $18.95
116633Family Tree Two-Line Text-and-Image Stamp $16.95
114411Farm Life $21.95
113734Fifth Avenue Floral $24.95
115709Fine Flourish $9.95
111564Flight of the Butterfly $31.95
122782Floral Fillers $17.95
122780Floral Fillers $23.95
111578Flower Fancy $36.95
122280Flower Fest $19.95
122278Flower Fest $27.95
115360For All You Do $28.95
120459For Everything $17.95
116954For Everything $24.95
116921Four the Holidays $13.95
118565Fox & Friends $14.95
117020Fox & Friends $18.95
122852Frame It $18.95
122850Frame It $25.95
113742French Filigree $17.95
120504Friends Fur-ever $25.95
117008Friends Fur-ever $33.95
120618Friends Never Fade $13.95
118750Friends Never Fade $17.95
114964From the Kitchen of $29.95
122732From Your Teacher $10.95
122730From Your Teacher $13.95
111500Full of Life $28.95
120438Funky Four $11.95
113738Funky Four $14.95
122306Furry Folk $17.95
122273Furry Folk $23.95
115372Gifts of Christmas $18.95
120159Goal $11.95
120639Goal $8.95
114972God's Blessings $33.95
122630Good Grid $9.95
116511Grateful Greetings $36.95
113824Greenhouse Garden $25.95
120624Growing Green $16.95
118758Growing Green $21.95
120555Grunge Rock $15.95
117080Grunge Rock $20.95
121943Handmade By $4.95
120534Happiness Shared $12.95
117038Happiness Shared $16.95
111640Happy Kwanza (2010-2011 Carryover List) $15.95
120447Have a Seat $11.95
116696Have a Seat $15.95
120006Heard from the Heart $16.95
111644Heard from the Heart $22.95
121988He Is Risen $14.95
121919He Is Risen $18.95
113224Herb Expressions $32.95
120792Holiday Happiness $11.95
120786Holiday Happiness $14.95
111648Holiday Lineup $21.95
120486Homegrown $16.95
116986Homegrown $22.95
116978Homemade $8.95
120161Home Run $11.95
120642Home Run $8.95
122577House & Home $14.95
122575House & Home $18.95
111574House of Haunts $22.95
118571I {Heart} Hearts $18.95
117010I {Heart} Hearts $26.95
111656Inspired by Nature $23.95
125030Inviting $16.95
119153Inviting $21.95
120537In Wilderness $16.95
117040In Wilderness $21.95
123682It's Your Day $8.95
114401Jayne's Type Alphabet $43.95
116584Jolliest Time of the Year $20.95
115358Just Perfect Alphabet $19.95
122911Just Thank You $6.95
120525Little Lambs $16.95
117030Little Lambs $22.95
122727Little Princess $14.95
122725Little Princess $18.95
115197Loads of Fun $22.95
115022Loads of Love $23.95
115024Loads of Love Accessories $20.95
114403Look Who's Turning $23.95
116586Many Merry Messages $34.95
122917Many Mustaches $9.95
115223Medallion $17.95
122702Merry Winter $14.95
122700Merry Winter $19.95
118580Messages for Mom $18.95
117016Messages for Mom $25.95
115462Monogram Sweet Alphabet $31.95
111542Nature Silhouettes $22.95
113826Nature's Nest $22.95
120561Notably Ornate $17.95
117098Notably Ornate $23.95
122060Notes & Details $18.95
122022Notes & Details $26.95
123087Not So Seriously $25.95
123085Not So Seriously $33.95
121327Now You're Cookin' $7.95
122812Nursery Times $14.95
122810Nursery Times $19.95
111664On Your Birthday $33.95
117094Ornate Blossom $9.95
120543Out West $14.95
117052Out West $19.95
113790Oval All $16.95
122547Paisley Petals $18.95
122545Paisley Petals $26.95
120609Party This Way $11.95
118744Party This Way $15.95
124342Party Time $14.95
124340Party Time $18.95
114312Peace Within $22.95
120012Pendant Park $17.95
115456Pendant Park $23.95
120540Plant Hope $15.95
117042Plant Hope $20.95
111672Pocket Silhouettes $18.95
120015Pony Party $15.95
115217Pony Party $20.95
116588Punch Pals $32.95
115552Ribbon of Hope $7.95
122557Scaredy Cat $14.95
122555Scaredy Cat $19.95
115354Scenic Season $24.95
122625School Lines $9.95
111776Season of Friendship $23.95
120823Season of Hugs $25.95
110384Season of Joy $26.95
115438Serene Snowflakes $20.95
115992Service & Sacrifice $18.95
121315Shalom $7.95
111686Shalom Sayings (2010-2011 Carryover List) $15.95
115060Short & Sweet $17.95
115554Simple Snowflake $7.95
115068Sincere Salutations $23.95
117064Slam Dunk $11.95
120552Slam Dunk $8.95
115070Smarty Pants $18.95
115707Solid Stripes $9.95
122907Something for Christmas $9.95
118589Something Sweet $19.95
117688Something Sweet $27.95
116480Special Date Wedding Personalized Stamp $10.95
123072Spencerian Alphabet Lower $23.95
123070Spencerian Alphabet Lower $31.95
122787Spencerian Alphabet Upper $31.95
122785Spencerian Alphabet Upper $43.95
122222Studio Sketches $13.95
116974Studio Sketches $17.95
120483Style Beautiful $16.95
116984Style Beautiful $22.95
120861S.W.A.K. $5.95
116521Sweet Centers $29.95
120780Sweetheart $15.95
120415Sweetheart $21.95
122862Sweetly Said $12.95
122860Sweetly Said $16.95
116471Sweet Season $18.95
120648Sweet Shoppe Alphabet Lower $23.95
120272Sweet Shoppe Alphabet Lower $31.95
120582Sweet Shoppe Alphabet Upper $23.95
118722Sweet Shoppe Alphabet Upper $31.95
120868Sweet Snowglobe $8.95
122015Take a Spin $20.95
121937Take a Spin $28.95
111700Thank You Kindly $13.95
120531The Nicest Things $14.95
117036The Nicest Things $19.95
113254Three Little Words $13.95
122687Tidings of Joy $14.95
122685Tidings of Joy $19.95
120615Timeless Treasures $15.95
118748Timeless Treasures $20.95
118086Tiny Teacup $5.95
113256Totally Tool $25.95
118595Tote-ally Tess $16.95
117076Tote-ally Tess $22.95
120157Touchdown $11.95
120636Touchdown $8.95
116722Tree Trimmings $14.95
113258Trendy Trees $17.95
122909Triple Treat Flower $8.95
122872Turtle & Co. $14.95
122870Turtle & Co. $19.95
120456Uncharted Territory $14.95
116952Uncharted Territory $19.95
122877Under the Big Top $18.95
122875Under the Big Top $25.95
111556Under the Stars $29.95
111710Upsy Daisy $18.95
122697Valentine Love $14.95
122695Valentine Love $19.95
113686Varisty Numbers $24.95
113684Varsity Alphabet $43.95
118598Vintage Vogue $17.95
117690Vintage Vogue $23.95
115466Wedding Sweet $25.95
120597Welcome Christmas $19.95
118736Welcome Christmas $27.95
111780Winter Post $26.95
118623With All My Heart $13.95
118134With All My Heart $17.95
118533Wonderfully Worn $17.95
124092Young Vermillion $7.95
122270You're a Gem $11.95
122268You're a Gem $14.95
123684You're Cherished $8.95
115464Yours and Mine Wedding Personalized Stamp $15.95

Monday, April 9, 2012

Everybunny…. Not just for Easter

I hope you had a great Easter!  The weather was beautiful here in Oregon which was a big change after the late snow and hail we experienced.  I hope Spring is here to stay!  I love the Everybunny stamp set and used it a lot for the Easter holiday.  However, I made a thank you note with it and I think it’s appropriate.  I also think this set would work well for baby cards & announcements. 

For this card, I watercolored my bunny and mounted him onto a punched oval.  I used the oval designer frames embossing folder and then cut it out close to the embossed area.  I wanted to have some variation in the color, so I ran the embossed edges through my white craft ink pad.  After it dried, I sanded it a bit to soften the white and reveal some of the color underneath and then I applied crumb cake distressing.  Honestly, when you look at it, it doesn’t look like it took so many steps.  lol  When I send it, the recipient will just think I used different colors of green, even though I used the same paper.  I feel like I made my Pear Pizzazz cardstock multi-task for this one.  hehe 


On another note, I’m heading to Florida for a few weeks to visit my family and friends, so I won’t be working on this website for a little white.  I do plan to add a post about the retired stamp sets on April 15th, so you can start planning what you need to buy before it’s gone, but that will be it.  The retired accessory list will be released on April 25th.  Unfortunately I will be at Disney World that week and I won’t have internet access to post.  I plan to do that first thing on the 28th.  I apologize for the delay.  My regular posts will continue the week of April 30th.     

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

May your Easter be a beautiful one that is blessed with happiness and may God’s love touch you and those you love. 


Friday, April 6, 2012

A Fun Easter Project


I wanted to make something different for Easter, so I did this project.  It’s super easy to make with a little paper and some punches.  I even did a little video to show how I made mine.  I think this would be great, not only for Easter, but for other holidays and occasions. 

A cute & easy project!