Monday, May 28, 2012

I Think I’m Falling For Foam

Foam Ink Pads

I know I spoke about the ink pads a couple of weeks ago, but I have had more time to use them now, and thus more time to get used to them.  I have found that I am getting a consistently good stamped image when using the new foam pad.  Yes, I had to change the way I ink up the stamp and use a tapping motion instead of my usual rubbing, but I’m getting there.  I used the new foam pads on 100 of my convention swaps with a big background stamp and found the image to be perfect with much less work on my part. 

I also wanted to mention that everyone of my friends who has been here and sampled the new pad agreed it was superior to the felt version.  No one seems to care that I can’t “rock-n-roll” with the foam ones.  lol  I guess I’m taking back what I said before about not seeing much difference.  I think I’m falling for these new pads.  Granted, I have too much invested in the felt ones to just throw them all out and make the switch.  I do, however, plan to add more of the foam to my collection over time.   

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