Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Craft Room Decor


I know this isn’t really stampin’ related, but I wanted to share the beautiful wreath I received from my friend, Diane.  She painstakingly painted each pinecone and then put them onto the wreath.  I like natural pinecones, but I also like these more colorful versions.  I love how she used different shades of beige, brown, and white and I think it looks great hanging on my beige wall.  I have lots of the scrapbooking storage cubes which are Whisper White in color.  Then I purchased a white bookcase, which ended up looking like Very Vanilla next to the Whisper White.  (Don’t you hate it when whites don’t match?)  This element ties the two areas of my room together and makes the Vanilla bookcase look like it now belongs!  Thanks so much, Diane.  I love it!

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