Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday USA!


I don’t have patriotic stamp sets, so I created a birthday card in patriotic colors.  After all, July 4th, is the birthday of our nation.  We’re going to have a quiet holiday at home. 

Our dog, Baron, is still recovering after his battle with George, a neighborhood pitbull.  He’s still wearing the “Cone-of-Shame” but he is walking much better, so I think he’ll be back to normal soon.  Baron doesn’t like loud noises, so he’s not a fan of the July 4th holiday.  Hopefully the neighborhood will be quiet for him. 


If you’re traveling or just heading out for the day, I hope you have a great 4th! 

Happy Birthday USA! 

ps – I have the photos of Baron’s injuries on my “family” blog.  They are pretty graphic and just plain yucky, so I didn’t want to show those here.  However, so many of you know him, I thought you might want to know about his injuries.  http://houseofzhong.blogspot.com

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