Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Swaportunity

Have you seen the Yoplait yogurt commercial which features a child at a spelling bee who is asked to spell the word “swaportunity”?  Whenever I see it, I don’t think about yogurt, but rather convention swaps.  The Stampin’ Up National Convention provides demonstrators with an excellent swaportunity.  Being able to swap ideas with other demonstrators really adds to the convention experience.  Maybe you never have problems coming up with ideas, but I really do.  Sometimes my cards start looking so much alike that I really need some fresh ideas to keep me going. 
That said, I’m pleased to announce that I have finished my swaps.  I have 220 regular size greeting cards, 80 mini-cards, and 24 full-size scrapbooking pages.  I planned to put them in my carry-on bag because I think I’d die if they got lost, but they don’t fit.  I will have to put them into my large checked bag.  My current concern is where I’ll put my clothes.  There’s not much space left.  The swaps are my priority, so I might just have to wear the same clothes more than once.  (If you’re a demonstrator who is going, you might not want to sit right next to me.  lol)
I am heading to Salt Lake City on Tuesday and I’ll be home late on Sunday.  I hope to have some images of my swaps up on the blog by mid-week (maybe July 25th.)  Also, while I’m away, I won’t be sending the shipping rebate checks.  However, I’ll be sure to put them in the Tuesday morning mail when I return.  Here are the cards I’m taking for the swaps.  I signed up for several different organized swaps and I am really hoping to get some ideas for Christmas cards that I can use in upcoming classes.
This last card is a sneak peek of the new holiday catalog that will be released in August.  It’s called Watercolor Winter and allows for 2-step stamping. 
Till next week, Happy Stampin’!

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