Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Swaps are coming

I love going to convention because I love coming home with hundreds of cards made by other demonstrators.  I get such great ideas.  I have a distinctive style, but that style might not be the same as my customers.  Having swaps to share allows my clients to see other ideas and ideas they might love.  I took 300 cards, but I did come home with some left over.  I also gave some of my swaps away because not all demonstrators took a lot of cards to swap.  In the end, I probably brought home about 250.  Here are the images of them stacked up on my table and kitchen counter.  Keep visiting the website because I’ll be adding individual shots starting tomorrow.  


There is a downside of swapping cards.  It’s a challenge getting them all photographed for the website.  This task will take me a while, and I probably won’t be able to get all of them on the blog.  I’m going to sort them by stamp set or theme and add a few at a time.  Eventually you’ll have seen the majority of them.

Happy Stampin’-

PS – Don’t forget.  Email me or leave a comment to enter my contest for the free fabric.  You can also enter by placing an order on my website.  See details on prior post.

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  1. How fun! It must be exciting to get to see all the different designs people come up with. Can't wait to see what else you post.