Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Cute Doggie


My friend, Margaret, created this card.  I thought it was so cute & asked if I could take a photo to share on the blog.  Chevron patterns are so hot right now.  I love how it adds to the Animal Talk stamp set. 

PS – I never knew “Aarff Bark Arroof” meant Happy Birthday.  Evidently my dog thinks everyday is my special day.  lol



  1. Your dog looks like an Aussie, is it? I have two and they are sooooo smart, I'm sure they could read your cute card:)

  2. He is an Aussie! He also loves to bark. I sometime think he just barks to hear himself barking. lol Seriously, Aussies are great dogs. Maybe someday we'll get a 2nd one.