Friday, August 24, 2012

Actually, It is a Bug


I love this t-shirt and I bought it for my husband last year for Christmas.  I thought it was really funny, but he’s a software developer and he deals with bugs and issues all the time, so maybe he didn’t like it as much as I.  lol  Anyway, whenever you use technology, things can go wrong.  Software, especially new software, often has issues, and bugs if you will. 

Recently Stampin’ Up released it’s all new My Digital Studio 2, which is awesome in that it does so much more than the previous version.  Unfortunately, there have been some issues.  I’m happy to report, however, that there is now an update to fix the bugs.  So, if you have MDS2, you can log onto and download the update.  Of course, then again, maybe you don’t think of the problems as bugs, but rather as features.  Regardless, I would suggest you download the update to revise the features.  hehe

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