Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!


I received this beautiful Easter card from my mom.  She did such a beautiful job.  I love the simplicity of the whisper white and purple.  I also like the way she heat embossed the cross to really make it stand out.


I also received a beautiful card from my friend, Joyce.  I love this stamp set with the cherry blossoms & the little girl.  It retired last year (or was it the year before?,) but I still have it because it’s one of my favorites.  Anyway, this card is like a photograph complete with a background scene that looks realistic.

Consider these 2 cards as my message of Easter to you.  (Sorry, but I never managed to get my cards in the mail!  eeekkk!)    

I hope you have a great Easter & embrace the message of hope this day brings!

**PS – Be sure to tune in next week as I try something new called “Five Ways in Five Days.”

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