Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New (err.. Repurposed) Ribbon Storage

It all started in the kitchen.  I have been organizing and changing things around to make my kitchen function more to my liking.  The spice rack on the counter just wasn’t doing the job.  I love the spice rack that came from the gourmet food store, Dean & Deluca.  However once I moved to the West Coast, getting Dean & Deluca spices wasn’t an easy or inexpensive task.  I decided to just refill the metal spice tins with grocery store spices and I’ve done that for 3 years.  But the tins were looking icky and the rack was taking up valuable real estate on my kitchen countertops.  I decided to change the system.

I bought spices from a local spice store and a spice tray for one of my kitchen drawers.  I think my spices will be happy in this drawer & I’m happy to get the counter space back.  Here’s the finished product:


That left me with the old spice rack I loved.  I took a chance and took it into my craft room.  I put a roll of ribbon on it and it fit!  I have a ton of ribbon and I’m always looking for new ribbon storage ideas.  I love how I repurposed my beloved spice rack into a convenient place to store my ribbon.  I think it’s going to be a good fit for my crafting since my old ribbon rack often looked shabby with the ribbon hanging down.     


Hmm.. wonder what else I can repurpose?

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