Tuesday, April 16, 2013

$30 More in the $99 Demonstrator Kit


Like free stuff?  Excited about the new catalog?  Like Vanessa and want to help her earn some of the new products?  lol  Seriously, though, if you answered yes to these questions, I have a deal for you! 

Why is this deal good for you?

Right now when you sign up as a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, your new demonstrator kits costs $99.  Shipping is included, but sales tax is not, unless you live in Oregon, in which case there is no sales tax anyway!  So, what do you get for $99?  Until May 30, 2013, you get to pick out $155 in merchandise.  You can pick anything you like!  But it gets even better.  Starting on April 24th, demonstrators can place pre-orders from the new catalog.  That means if you sign up as a demonstrator on the 24th, you, too, can order that $155 worth of merchandise from the new catalog. 

“But Vanessa, I don’t want to sell stuff.”

That’s fine, but you might love being able to buy your own crafting items at a discount.  You don’t have to sell to other people.  You can just sell to yourself.  Honestly, I know I’m my own best customer!  You might also love being able to buy things before they are available to the general public.  You would also probably really enjoy the demonstrator magazine that comes several times a year with ideas & tutorials.  Plus you might decide you want to attend Stampin’ Up events.. like regional workshops or the national convention. 

“What if I sign up and then just want to go back to being a customer?”

No problem!  I’ll still love you the same.  (Well.. that depends.  Would you go back to being my customer or find another demonstrator?  Smile with tongue out  Just kidding!)  Maybe after you get your loot you just don’t want to be a demonstrator.  That’s fine.  My own mother does this from time to time.  She signs up, gets the deal and then deactivates.  As long as it makes her happy, I’m fine with it!  Over the years I’ve had many customers sign up as my downline demonstrators.  Some continue as demonstrators and some deactivate and return to being my customers again.  Either way works for me.    

“But Vanessa, how does this help you?”

I’ll still earn commissions on the things you buy in the future as a demonstrator.  If you decide to drop out and just go back to being my customer, I’ll still be earning my salary based on what you buy.  Either way works out really well for me, which is why I always try to let me customers know how much I appreciate them! 

More immediately, however, I will get a discount on the new Designer Series Paper Stacks.  I’ll need those for my business and they cost more than $21/stack.  With the color renovation, these aren’t the same as the ones I had before.  To buy new ones will cost me almost $88.  If I recruit one person (even if that person doesn’t continue being a demonstrator later) I’ll save 50% on that paper.  If I recruit two people, I’ll get it for free.  It sounds like a great deal to me, which is why I’m sharing the promotion with you.     

“OK… You talked me into it!  Where do I sign up?”

You can sign up on my demonstrator website by clicking “Join Now.”  Remember, however, that if you want to get the preorder merchandise in your kit, you need to wait until April 24th to sign up.  Also, since this is a preorder, you won’t see all the new goodies you can select, so you need to get in touch with me ahead of time.  If, however, you have many things from the existing catalog you still want (and that includes retiring things!,) you can sign up anytime.  You just need to plan what you want before you begin so that you get as close as possible to the $155 limit.  It won’t let you go over, but you also don’t want to miss even $1 if you can work it out.  Take some time to work on your wish list before you start the sign up process. 

“Is there any fine print?”   

Well, you do have to be a US citizen with a social security number to sign up with me as your upline.  You also have to be an adult over the age of 18.  Evidently you also have to be human.  I would love to sign up my dog, but without a social security number, it just won’t work.  I also cannot sign up my husband.  Darn!  So many rules!  hehe

Try it!  You might love it.  What do you have to lose? 

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