Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New Magnetic Platform!

Since discovering framelits, I’ve struggled to keep them in place when cutting.  I was determined to find a solution other than tape.  Last year I purchased the “Genius” platform from Lifestyle Crafts and I was very disappointed that it didn’t work as expected.  Now Sizzix has provided a new platform to Stampin’ Up.  I felt like the Genius problem was that it wasn’t a full magnetic sheet, but rather a bunch of smaller magnets spaced across the back of the platform which caused my framelits to “jump” into places I didn’t want them to go.  When I watched this video of the new Sizzix product it appears the framelits stay where they are placed, which makes me think it’s a solid magnetic sheet.  I haven’t seen this product in person yet, but I’m pretty excited about it and thought I’d share.  Have a happy Stampin’ weekend!


**I just wanted to add an update to this.  I read on a demonstrator board that this platform has 18 magnets.  I was SO hoping it wasn’t made like the Lifestyle Crafts model, but it may be.  Sad smile  I’m not going to purchase it until I see it in person and confirm it works as it should. **


  1. I hope you have a chance to test one out soon & review. I am deeply interested in this concept (who wouldn't be for thin dies?), but I'm hesitant to buy until I know for sure it does what I am hoping it will.

  2. I corresponded with someone that had seen one at a demonstrators' meeting or some place like that, and said the platform was very strong. I therefore took the chance and bought it since I had some birthday money. I'm glad I did! That sucker is definitely magnetic with no "cold spots". It is so strong, one of the Bigz dies I bought that was in the package with the platform was actually adhering to it. (Try it - foam side on the platform.) It holds the wafer thin dies and paper like no tape ever has, LOL! I'm glad I found you for a "remote demonstrator". I live way up the valley from you but I am just too introverted to be doing anything social with my papercrafting, so I don't mind you're a ways away. Your blog is a lot of fun. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your review. I'm thrilled it is performing as advertised! Did you have any problems with your thin dies pulling in different directions when you placed them on the platform?

      And I'm glad you found me. I'm happy to be your "remote" demonstrator. :)

  3. I did not have any problem like that, but I can tell you that warped plates will affect the power the platform has over the metal dies. I was able to straighten out my current plates quite a bit with a marathon embossing session, but it might be wise to have a set of plates only for the use of the magnetic platform. It was a good reminder for me that I have not been as diligent about turning my plates after each use as I should be. The other thing I've noticed is that with this Magnetic Platform, I don't need to use a metal plate shim with about 50% of the intricate wafer thin metal dies that I own. The ones that I still do use the metal plate with are of course he most crazy intricate ones. Whoever designed this truly optimized it for wafer thin die use, and was actually successful at making it more useful for more of these kinds of dies - as in more than the lines Sizzix specifically manufactures. BTW, I am running this in a Big Shot, so I can't speak for other machines out there.

    You also might find this interesting... I was at a craft store last night where they sell the Genius Magnetic Platform and my housemate and I got to handle it. It was especially interesting since I recently got this new one. The wafer thin dies that come in the package barely held onto the platform. We could also see that "honeycomb" on the back and how few magnets there actually are. Honestly, I think the platform would be fine if they had put magnets into more or even all of those "honeycombs". I would estimate that the SU/Sizzix platform is about 5x greater in magnetic strength without plates than the Genius platform without plates. I don't think that label that warns about using this if you have a pacemaker is an exaggeration.