Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weird & Wonderful


I saw this card while at convention and I just loved it.  It’s a simple card with just some paper placed on a diagonal, but the sentiment really spoke to me.  My husband has always said that we are so compatible because we’re both weird.  And he’s right.  Because it made me smile, I decided I needed this stamp set.  I must have looked through the catalog at least 4 times trying to find it.  Then there it was.  It was in the weirdest of places.  It was on the personalized stamp page (aka page 135 in the catalog.)  In my mind, personalized stamps were for addresses or to use as a business stamp.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have put a greeting on one of those stamps.  Weird, huh?  But I love it.  This has opened up a whole new world of stamp possibilities.  Now I can have a stamp that says whatever I like and I don’t think that is weird at all. 

Happy Stampin’   

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pretty from the Inside Out



I usually focus on the outside of the card and leave the inside fairly plain, but after seeing this card at convention I might have to rethink things in the future.  I loved this card.  It looks pretty, but then you open it and WOW! 

I challenge you to make an inside-out card today!

Happy Stampin’!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

DO-It-Yourself Wedding Ideas


One of the parts of convention I really enjoyed happened on Thursday night when I had the opportunity to watch presentations from international demonstrators.  One such presentation was done by UK demonstrator, Monica Gale.  She created items for a wedding and I thought the ideas were awesome, so I wanted to share them. 


This is a simple invitation and I love that the RSVP cards are included in the pocket at the bottom of the card. 


This was the invitation when closed. 



This was a pretty table setting. 

She also made coordinating candleholders by filling glass cups with ink, crystal effects, and glitter. 


I think all these items would be great for a “do-it-yourself” wedding. 

Happy Stampin!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I’m home! Now, Who wants to do my laundry? :P

I’m back from Convention 2013.  I had a great time and I was happy to stay a few days longer to be a tourist in Salt Lake City.  I bought a SLC Connect pass to get into museums and attractions, but I found my favorite attraction to be the City Creek Center Mall near my hotel.  Maybe it’s because it was hot outside (104!) or maybe it’s because there were SO many great clearance deals, but I could have spent a week at that mall. 

Today I’m unpacking and doing laundry.  I’ll be getting the shipping rebates ready for those of you who placed orders while I was away.  I also have a ton of email, so I’ll be working on returning messages today.  (See.. you thought I was just ignoring you & really I just wasn’t here!) 

I did not take as many cards to swap this year, but I did take a variety.  Here were my cards:


This was my “love note” (3x3) swap.  Unfortunately I missed this swap, so I pretty much just gave away my cards after the fact.  Some people were nice and agreed to swap despite the fact my card was tiny compared to theirs.


This was one I did for a swap focused on the months of the year.  I was March, so I did Easter.



This card looks simple with only one color and little stamping, but it’s a peek-a-boo card that moves.  I had 76 of these and I never would have finished them without my friend, Gretchan’s, help.


This was my personal favorite.  It’s a shadow box card and I love the purples and greens together.


I created this card from all the circles I had punched from the shadow box cards.  It was a great way to use my scraps!


Of course since Simply Sketched is my favorite stamp set in this year’s catalog, I just had to use it to make some swaps! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Smile

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Convention Time!


Tomorrow I fly to Salt Lake City for the annual Stampin’ Up Convention.  I’m SO excited.  I hope to return with lots of new ideas for papercrafting. 

While I’m gone, you may continue to place your orders on my website.  If you spend more than $50 on product (not including taxes or shipping) then you’ll qualify for a rebate of the shipping fee you paid.  When I return next week I will mail out all rebate checks for qualifying orders.

Happy Stampin’!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty in Purple


I love the color purple as anyone who comes to my house could guess.  I have so many purple flowers around me, so I guess that inspired this card.  I made it simple by using a piece of the transparent dsp for my background and then just put my stamped images on top.  I didn’t even worry about where to place the adhesive so it wouldn’t show because I stuck down the dsp behind the stamped image. 

Happy Stampin’

Friday, July 12, 2013

This wasn’t supposed to look like Christmas…


I’m not sure what happened here.  I set out to make a sympathy card using the Simply Sketched set.  Somehow I ended up with something that looks very much like Christmas.  Maybe I’ll just change out the sentiment and turn it into “Season’s Greetings” instead.  This just shows that even mistakes can turn into a great card. 

Have a great weekend-

Thursday, July 11, 2013

<3 to Color


Maybe it’s that the back-to-school sales have begun and crayons are in sale ads, but I’ve been in the mood to color.  (And, yes, stores are already starting the back-to-school sales!)  For the past week or so I’ve done a little coloring every day.  I should be making more convention swaps, but I’m tired of doing multiples of cards.  Coloring seems more fun!

Happy Coloring! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paper Pumpkin Monthly Kit

Last Month’s Kit

Have you gotten your Paper Pumpkin kit yet?  It’s a monthly subscription service that sends you a box with crafting supplies every month for $19.95.  There are different projects each month and they are always a surprise after the first shipment.  The first box is the same for everyone.  It’s an introductory kit that includes a clear block for you to use each month and supplies to make cards. 

Paper Pumpkin kits are designed to be fast and easy.  These cards can be completed in minutes, not hours.  It’s great for crafting on the go, for when you need a fast card, for people who don’t want to have to store a lot of crafting stuff, and for beginners. 

Interested?  From now until July 16, 2013, I have a special deal for my current customers*, but you must contact me for details.  If you’ve ever considered trying out this program, now is a great time. 

(*Current Customers include my downline, people who have ordered from me in the past, and people who have signed up for my mailing list prior to today.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Washi Tape Storage


Once you decide to use Washi tape, then you need to decide how to store it.  It comes on rolls (just like regular tape.)  For a while I stored them in a drawer where I never remembered to use them.  Then I put them on my ribbon rack where they didn’t fit as they should.  One day my friend & downline, Gretchan, suggested I store them in old embellishment containers.. you know the ones that contain buttons & brads.  What a great idea!  This way they stack well & I can easily see the color/style of each roll.  I only have 6 rolls so far (insert sad face here!), but I’m looking forward to becoming a “washi collector.”  I’ve even made space on my shelf to store them as more arrive in my craft room. 


I stick a piece of the tape on the outside of the container so I can easily see the color and patterns.


I punch a circle for the top so I can label the tape with the name of the collection and the colors used on the tape.  (A label maker would be awesome for this, but I’m lazy and just wrote it myself.)


Ready to roll!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Washi Tape

Have you tried using Washi Tape on your cards yet?  It’s very popular right now and rightly so.  It can take the place of designer series paper when you add it to your projects and it’s fast… super fast.  You can make really simple cards with washi tape or you can step them up to be a bit fancier.  Regardless how you use it, it’s easy.  It’s great when you are on the go because you don’t need scissors or adhesive to use washi tape.  This is a great item for kids too!

I made 3 cards to show you how you can use the tape in your crafting.  For all 3 you need the same basic supplies.  (1) Washi tape (2) Ink pad (3) Stamp Set (4) Cardstock:  I used Whisper white cut to 4 1/4 x 11 then folded in half and a 4 x 5 1/4 rectangle (5) Foam dimensionals


My first (& easiest) card begins like this:


I stamped a sentiment in the center of the 4 x 5 1/4 piece of paper.  Then I started adding my washi tape.  I didn’t measure it.  I just tore off pieces and stuck them to the paper.  Then I added foam dimensionals to the back and stuck it down to the folded card.  Done!


The next card started the same way.  Except I only added 2 pieces of washi tape and did it vertically instead of horizontally.  I let the tape fall past the end of the paper, instead of tearing smaller pieces.  I flipped the paper over and smoothed the excess tape to the back. 


Then I punched a heart out of naturals white.  I used that instead of whisper white so it would be a bit sturdier.  I added washi to the top of the heart, going past the edges, then I stuck the edges to the back of the heart.




I did pop up the heart and then popped up the white layer when I added it to the card.  Again, very easy and I only needed dimensionals, not regular adhesive.

I kicked it up a notch for the last card, but I started with the same basic supplies.  This time I added a smaller whisper white 2 3/4” square, as well as a 3” melon mambo square. 

I put the tape on the white square at an angle. 


I let the tape go past the edge of the paper as I added the strips.


I folded the excess washi tape around to the back of the square.  Washi tape is repositionable, so you don’t have to worry about it when it sticks to your work surface.  It will peel right off!  It is delicate, however, so be careful not to tear it.  (Sorry this pic is so blurry!)


I colored my sentiment and stamped it onto the lower right side of the white rectangle. 


I put all the pieces together and added a punched butterfly and candy dot for fun.


There you go!  Three fun & easy cards using washi tape. 

Happy Stampin’!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hip & Funky Thanks


I needed a Thank You card in a hurry and this fit the bill.  I used the Soho Subway DSP and the Yippee-Skippee! stamp set.  I felt like it might look TOO simple, so I punched some holes in the side for interest. 

I think it’s kind of a hip & funky card, but I think it’s great for a “Masculine” thank you. 

Happy Stampin!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Not Stampin’ Related: Free Calendar - NO LONGER AVAILABLE :(

I am a huge fan of the World Wildlife Foundation and all of its dedicated employees and volunteers who help by bringing awareness to a multitude of often difficult issues regarding the welfare of animals on a global level, as well as instruction us on how we can do our part to help conserve so many species of animals that are either mistreated, abused, on the brink of extinction.  I also love freebies, so I think this is a great one. 
You can sign up for the free calendar here.  I suspect they will add you to their email listing when you sign up, but you can always opt-out later on.  This offer is only available until July 16, 2013, or while supplies last. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Are you entertaining this holiday?  Want to give a little gift to a neighbor?  I love to decorate water bottles.  You can replace the label or just put paper over the top of it.  I do this for parties & many times when I’m entertaining.  This time I attached a tag, but you could also stamp on regular paper and wrap it around the bottle.  It makes a cheap & useful decoration. 


Today it’s really hot here, so I’m going to give this to a neighbor.  I think it will be appreciated.  I even made a coordinating card.  For the card & tag, I used the Simply Stars & Memorable Moments stamp sets & the Chalk Talk framelits.

Have a great holiday!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gingham Garden DSP


I thought I’d share this card with you since the designer paper is on sale.  I used 2 strips of Gingham Garden DSP & then used the Gingham wheel to decorate the center strip.  I added a sentiment from Chalk Talk & an embellishment and the card was done.

I hope you’re somewhere cool during this heat wave that much of the country is experiencing.  It’s a great time to stay inside your air-conditioned place and do some crafting.

Happy Stamping!