Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Washi Tape Storage


Once you decide to use Washi tape, then you need to decide how to store it.  It comes on rolls (just like regular tape.)  For a while I stored them in a drawer where I never remembered to use them.  Then I put them on my ribbon rack where they didn’t fit as they should.  One day my friend & downline, Gretchan, suggested I store them in old embellishment containers.. you know the ones that contain buttons & brads.  What a great idea!  This way they stack well & I can easily see the color/style of each roll.  I only have 6 rolls so far (insert sad face here!), but I’m looking forward to becoming a “washi collector.”  I’ve even made space on my shelf to store them as more arrive in my craft room. 


I stick a piece of the tape on the outside of the container so I can easily see the color and patterns.


I punch a circle for the top so I can label the tape with the name of the collection and the colors used on the tape.  (A label maker would be awesome for this, but I’m lazy and just wrote it myself.)


Ready to roll!

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