Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fun at the State Fair

I volunteered to demonstrate paper crafting techniques at the Oregon State Fair this past weekend.  I also volunteered my husband to help out.  lol  We had a great time!  We made simple gift tags and showed folks how to use the Big Shot to emboss paper.  We also got into the fair for free for volunteering.  woo hoo!



While there I looked at the displays of winning cards.  I did win 4 blue ribbons, as well as some others for greeting cards.  I think I will receive the ribbons when I pick up the cards next week.  For now, they just marked the winners with a little star.  If you visit the blog, you’ve seen these cards before.  If not, here are some of the cards that placed that will win either blue or red ribbons: 







I also took photos of other cards which I’ll share next time! 

Happy Stampin’!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! And congrats on those pretty blue ribbons!