Saturday, December 14, 2013

Card Ideas

I’m happy to say I have finished my Christmas cards, holiday shopping and decorating.  If you haven’t, not to worry, you have 10 days left!  I’m not bragging or rubbing it in.  I’m usually working on things at the last minute so I won’t be pointing a finger at my fellow procrastinators.  Anyway, I’m done.  Woo Hoo!  But then I find myself with more free time and I keep getting pulled into my craft room.  I’m working on all occasion cards and it’s just really a nice change.  If you’re like me and ready to craft something new, I thought I’d start sharing some swaps I received at this year’s convention.  I hope you find inspiration from all the talented ladies who shared their cards with me. 
Also I have to give a big Thank You to my friend, Kathy, for taking photos of all these cards for me.  Kathy, you are AWESOME & I’m very appreciative that you did this for me.  Smile
IMG_5552  IMG_5551IMG_5553
OK, so this may have been my very favorite card of the year.  I love the Coffee & Friends Stamp Set and the color scheme on this card.  But what really sets it apart is the fact there are REAL coffee beans attached to the card.  If you have a coffee lover in your life (and if you don’t, keep in mind that I love coffee!  hint, hint) then this card would bring a smile to the face of the person getting it.  Did I also mention that it smells like coffee?  It’s awesome! 

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