Friday, March 14, 2014

Card-in-a-Box: Out of the Ordinary

So far I’ve been sharing the pretty, floral, Springy cards.  Today I’m changing it up a bit for something fun.  This card would be great for kids, as well as any “kids at heart” in your life. 
OK, so this card is a little more work than any of the others because all the images have to be cut out by hand.  Well, except for the moon, which can be punched with a circle punch.  It really didn’t take THAT long and I love how it turned out.  That little green alien is so cute!
I did it a 2nd time using the astronaut too. 
I’m mailing this one and wanted to keep this a one-stamp card, so I omitted the googly eyes. 
Have you tried making the Card-in-a-Box yet?  I’m happy to show you how, just give me a call and we’ll schedule a date to create your own masterpiece.  Or better yet, schedule a home party and I’ll show you and your friends how easy these cards come together. 
Happy Stampin’!

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