Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catalog Sneak Peek

I attended the new catalog premiere in Portland on Monday.  It was so great to be with a bunch of other demonstrators, to feel the excitement of the new products, and to take some home!  In addition to bringing home the new catalog, I also received a stamp set for attending, as well as a stamp set from winning a drawing while there.

Here were some of the projects shown to participants on Monday night.  They are a preview of some of the things to come!

This first one shows a couple of new products.  The text and background were in the stamp set we were all given at the premiere.  I LOVE the new flower punch style!


The watercolor look is all throughout this year’s catalog.  I love the font on this “thank you” stamp.


Shapes are big this year too.  When you combine a bunch of shapes you can make your own, unique piece of art for your projects.


I was sad to see the old heart punch retire, but I do like this new shape.


Gift packaging and party projects are back again.  This project features the stamp set I won.  I might even start using Twitter so I can understand these hashtags!  lol 


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