Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Swap Shares (& a New Camera!)

I swapped a few cards with the girls on my team at the Portland Catalog Reveal event.  I haven’t shared them until now because my 5-year old camera died.  Now, I loved my camera but I struggled to get good photos inside.  My husband built me a light box and I had some strong lights around it to try to illuminate the photos.  Well, they still looked dark and sad compared to taking them outside.  My new camera arrived yesterday and I tried it out.  Wow!  What a difference a camera makes.  lol  It’s not even a fancy camera, but it does much better in low-light than my old dinosaur one.  Here are the swaps:


I think the photos look much better with the new camera!  I do think I’ll need to add some dark paper behind the white cards in the future, but I’m still learning and it’ll take some trial and error to see what works best. 

Happy Stampin’!

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