Friday, June 13, 2014

A Visit to the Flower Patch

This was the first stamp set on my wish list when I received my new catalog.  I love flowers and I was super excited about this set because the flower images are big and bold.  I played with it today for the first time and found I had a problem with this set.  There are too many stamps!  It’s hard to pick which ones to use on one card, so I tried to use as many as possible.  I did the best I could for a first try, but I’m anxious to try again.  I think I will find so many combinations with these images that it will be like 3 stamp sets in one.  Anyway, my style is simple and this card took me way out of my element.  I couldn’t stop stamping and I really should have stopped before I filled up the entire card.  Well, at least it’s nice and cheerful, right?
Did I mention this set has coordinating dies?  It was great to layer even more flowers on my card filled with flowers! 
I’m going to revisit the Flower Patch this weekend to see what other beauties I can make with this one stamp set. 
Happy Stampin!
PS – The ribbon shares are now filled and I placed the order for the ribbons.  Needless to say, I know what I’ll be doing next week…. cutting ribbon!  Smile

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