Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Best Convention Ever!


Last year I was pretty disappointed in the annual Stampin’ Up Convention.  So much so that I said I wasn’t going this year.  But then I forgot and got excited and signed up to go.  My mother, who is also a demonstrator, went too.  We had a great time!  It wasn’t crowded like last year and we had SO many choices of activities during the day.  We could each customize the convention experience to meet our own needs and it worked out to be the best convention I’ve ever attended.  I learned new skills (like how to use Instagram) and saw tons of great card crafting ideas.  My flight was late and I ended up getting home early this morning, so I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep.  I’ll start adding images of cards for you in the next day or two.  (Also, if you ordered while I was away, I’ll be working on your shipping rebates today and tomorrow.)


I wanted to show you the hotel where I stayed.  This is a small, family-run, independent hotel.  It’s old, but it was renovated since it was built.  The décor looks a little like the early 90s.  The people who work there are so sweet and genuine.  It’s a longer walk to the convention center than the fancy hotels, but I love it.


This was a newspaper article about the hotel when it opened as apartments in 1926.  I chuckled about the last line that talks about it having electric ranges, “assuring perfecting cooking and the pleasure that the housewife gains with electric cooking.”  lol  I’m happy to say that my suite only had a microwave (which I never used!) so I did not experience the pleasure of using the electric range while on vacation. 




I purchased the July Paper Pumpkin kit at convention and we used it to make these treat boxes for the hotel employees who made our stay so special.  This was a such a fun kit and it was perfect for crafting in the hotel room. 

As I said, I have TONS more images to share, but first I need to unpack and get back to normal life.  I’ll be in touch!

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