Thursday, September 11, 2014

Curvy Keepsake Box Art

I had the opportunity to pre-order this at Convention and it just didn’t appeal to me so I passed it by.  Then demonstrator, Lynn Starzl, started posting her creations made with it.  Wow!  I had to buy it!  I still have other things I want to try, but here were my first creations. 
Lynn used burlap ribbon for the witch’s hair, but I pulled out  some retired baker’s twine so she could have highlighted hair.  The hat was the hardest part because I needed it to come off so people to get to the goodies inside the box.  I ended up cutting 2 long triangles and threading them thru a slit in a punched circle.  I secured them underneath and held the 2 triangles together with a dimensional.  It’s a little wonky, but it works. 
Then I made the santa.  I set his belt up WAY too high.  Next time I need to bring it down some.  When you make these you’ll do better and remember that!  For now I’ll just pretend he’s a 1980’s santa.  (In the 80s we wore our waistbands way up high!)   
The penguin is one of my favorites.  He was so easy and I think he’s just adorable!
PS – After looking at this photos I told my husband there was something wrong with the camera.  He got out a cloth and cleaned the lens.  Problem solved. 

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  1. I love all these cute characters being made with this framelet. It is going to be on my next order. I think it is one of the only items I did not order from the holiday catalog.