Sunday, November 2, 2014

AFK (Away from Keyboard) for 2 weeks

I’ll be away from this blog until Tuesday, November 18th when I’ll update the Deals of the Week.  There will be deals the other 2 Tuesdays that you can find by clicking the “Shop Now” button on this site.  While I’m away the shipping rebates will be delayed.  I’ll be getting those into the mail on the 18th.  Last but not least, the virtual club tutorial will be sent out to members on that day, as well.  I have, however, already set up the Hostess code (Z3WWHH7H) if you wish to place your order while I’m away. 
I leave you with this pretty fall-colored flower card.  I love this Flower Patch stamp set because it is so versatile.  I can do 4 seasons of cards by just changing up the colors. 
Happy Stampin!

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