Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Snag in the Spring Cleaning…

I have a plan to fix my closet and room, but it involves buying a storage shelving unit.  I found one at and decided it would be perfect, so I went to Costco to get it.  Unfortunately they don’t sell that particular one in store.  The one they do have is too tall to fit inside the closet, so I had to order it online.  That means all work in the craft room is stalled until the new shelf arrives.  Meanwhile I had to find the kitchen, so I did have to work through the things on the counter.  Many things went to the trash and others, well, they returned to the craft room floor temporarily.  By this time next week it should be back to normal so I can craft again! 

Meanwhile I thought I’d share some of the cards I saw at Leadership.  I love the pretty butterfly dies and the cards made with them.  They make me ready for Spring (which, by the way, arrives in a week!)  Enjoy!

PS – I have no idea who made this cards so I cannot give credit.  If it’s yours let me know and I’ll add your name!



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