Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Finding Your Own Pot of Gold!

Actually today’s post is about adding foil (gold or otherwise) to your projects.  Yes, I know you’re thinking that you already have gold embossing powder, so why do you need foil?  Well, it’s a texture thing.  When you add foil to your paper it turns into a beautiful, smooth, shiny image.  (See that 4 leaf clover above?  My camera did not do it justice.  It’s gold and shiny and beautiful!)  Sometimes you might want the“orange peel” texture of the powder over the smooth texture of the foil and vice versa.  Since you already know how to emboss, this post will teach you how to add foil. 
I used the following items to make my card shine.  First, I used My Digital Studio, which is a software product by Stampin’ Up, to find my St Patrick’s day images.  Then I printed those images onto Whisper White cardstock in my laser printer.  (This won’t work with inkjet printers, so you need a laser print for this technique.  Don’t have one?  You could go to your local office store and get them to print it for you on theirs.  Just be sure to take your own cardstock.)  Then you’ll need a laminator. (Mine is a simple one from Staples.  It doesn’t show me a temperature range, but rather only hot or cold.  I used hot.  lol)  You’ll need a plain piece of printer paper and some foil.  I used Therm-o-Web Deco foil that I found at my local craft store.
Cut off a piece of the foil and lay it across your image.  I tried to make mine very close to the size of the image because foil is expensive!  Put your image with the foil into a folded piece of printer paper. 
Run the paper through the laminator.  When it’s finished you will think it didn’t work.  See all the bubbles in the foil?  I was sure that it didn’t work, but it did! 
When you peel off the foil, it’s like magic!  Your printed image is gold and shiny.  **Note:  Since the foil sticks to the laser toner, you want a really good printed image.  I usually leave my printer on a lower setting to save toner, but in this case I realized I needed to select the “best” printing quality.  I also tried this with a grayscale image and it seemed to work just as well in terms of the foil sticking evenly. 
The options are endless!  You could stamp your images, scan them, print them, and then add the foil.  Or you could look for free clip art images online or create your own art with your own software and print those.  When you go to buy foil, there are many colors available.  I love the gold, but I also got some silver and red to try out.
I hope you’ll enjoy this new technique.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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