Wednesday, September 9, 2015

D.I.Y. Ornaments

The moment I saw the Sleigh Ride Edgelits I thought of this ornament.  I think it’s so pretty and it’s not that difficult to make.  Here’s how I did it:

First you need to get out your Circles Framelits.  Counting from the smallest to largest, I used #6 to cut 4 white circles (I used the new thick cardstock so these would be more substantial when I layered them.)  Then I used the #7 circle and cut one white and one navy.
Then you use the Sleigh Ride edgelits to cut out the four (#6) circles.  Stager these so they will stack together nicely.  I cut two sets of trees, one of the houses and one of the sleigh.  You will need to use your scissors to finish trimming out the trees.  Also, be careful not to cut the sleigh too low on the circle.  I did that the 1st time and once I added the snow, you could no longer see the greeting.  (If you don’t want a greeting, then it’ll be fine to go low on that one!)
If you choose to use a greeting, now is the time to add it.  I used the Jingle All the Way stamp set that goes with the dies.  I think any greeting would work, however.
Next you need to get out your dimensionals.  I used lots…way more than I’d normally put onto a card.  I really wanted these layers to stay apart to add some depth.  Pay close attention to the tops of the images.  As you build the layers, it may be that the images don’t touch the layer underneath.  If that’s the case, you do not want to add dimensionals there.   (If you notice the photo below, you’ll see I only have dimensionals on the base layer of trees.  The other layers only have the dimensionals on the circular part, not the images.)
Place the layers in your desired order onto the Night of Navy #7 circle.  Be sure to place these toward the center so that you have a margin around the outside. 
Now you need other supplies:  Crystal Effects, a disposable paper plate, faux snow, a plastic spoon, a piece of window sheet (or other plastic), and 1/2 of a clear ornament.  You can find the snow and ornaments at your local craft store.  I ordered my ornaments from Amazon because they were less expensive.  At the time of this post they cost less than $9 for 24 halves.  I purchased my faux snow from PapertreyInk, but they no longer offer it on their website.  I suspect you could use a chunky glitter, sequins, or punched paper pieces instead.
Place your cardstock stack onto a paper plate.  Scoop a teaspoon of faux snow onto the center.  Try to keep it piled up in the center so it won’t interfere with your adhesive.  Remember, if you add too much snow, it will obstruct your greeting.  Just a little will do you!
Now comes the trickiest part of the project:  sticking the ornament to the paper.  I have tried this a couple of ways and found that this way works the best with the least amount of mess.  I squirt a blob of Crystal Effects onto a piece of plastic.  (I put it onto the plastic because I feel that it gives me more time to work with it since it won’t be absorbing into a piece of paper.  I reuse it multiple times.)  I dab the edges of the ornament into the Crystal Effects and make sure all parts are covered.  If you miss a spot, your faux snow will fall out! 
Now carefully place your ornament onto the cardstock.  It’s tricky.  Sometimes I don’t get it completely centered, but that’s OK.  As long as the adhesive makes contact with the paper, your ornament will be sealed.  Once attached, I leave it on the paper plate until it’s dry.  Once dry I feel the edges to make sure there are no gaps in adhesive.  If there are, I add some crystal effects to seal it.  If not, I shake it to make sure the faux snow stays inside. 
While your glue is drying, you can work on the back of the ornament.  Stamp the sentiment of your choice onto the Whisper White Thick cardstock that you cut out with the #7 Circles die.  I used the sentiments from Wondrous Wreath because I like being able to personalize the ornaments for gifts and the “to & from” stamp is the perfect size for this ornament.   
Once your ornament is dry, it’s time to finish it up.  I added some pennies with glue dots to add weight to the ornament.  I think it makes it hang better.  I also added a generous amount of dimensionals to hold the back in place and so no one will know the pennies are there.
Attach your backing (if you’re giving this as a gift, it’s best to write on it before you attach it.) 
I finish it off by adding Baker’s Twine or Cording Trim as a hanger.  Then I tied a bow with ribbon to attach to the front of the ornament.  I think it’s a great (and inexpensive gift) for family and friends. 
Now, if you don’t want to make an ornament, you can still use the layers of this project to make a card.  Just follow the instructions up to the point of adding the snow and ornament and instead cut a larger circle (#8) into a card base.  Stick your layered embellishment into the hole and you have a pretty card that you could hand deliver.
If you start now, you’d have time to make a bunch of ornaments before the holiday season begins!


  1. Your ornament is so beautiful!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing such detailed instructions to make it and the tips for glueing and weights.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you do make the ornament because they are fairly easy to make and turn out really beautifully.

  2. LOVE, love this ornament. Your tree/house must look amazing! Can you tell me the size ornament you purchased?

    1. The ones I got from Amazon say 80mm. However, Amazon now charges a fortune for the same ones. They sell them at Michael's. At my store they sell 3 sizes and I purchased the middle size. I think it was $1.49 for 2 halves. (The $1.29 ones are too small and the $1.69 ones are too large.) Even with the middle size, you will have a little more space than you need, but that just makes it easier to put the ornament together!

  3. Vanessa, Thank you so much for the instructions. I am working on a class to make these and another home decor piece. Your work and willingness to share has saved me some time. These are beautiful!

  4. Do you split a round ornament in two, or do they comes in halves? The only ones I can find on amazon are like these:

    1. The ornaments I used were already split into 2, and I did only use 1 of the halves for each ornament. These are the ones I purchased: If you buy the ones from the link you listed above, you'd need to get the 8 CM ones. You may also want to check your local craft stores. Several of my local stores sell these. Just take your die to make sure you get the right size. :)