Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Fun (& A Little Something Scary!)


This may be my favorite Halloween card ever.  It’s so cute and fun, yet so easy to make.  I especially love the itsy spider because I like spiders.  (I caught and released one that looked just like this today!  He was happy to go outside into the sunshine instead of hanging out on my computer desk.)  I really don’t make many cards for Halloween, but I do make special treat bags.  This year I’m using the September Paper Pumpkin to create some cute things. 


And now for the really scary part of this post….


Remember the 15% Off stamp sale I told you about on Sunday?  Well it’s almost over.  Eeekkkk!  If you haven’t ordered yet, be sure to do so before the sale ends on Friday, October 23rd.  Not saving $$$ is really, really scary! 

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