Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Rainy Oregon Morning


I was awaken this morning by a flash of light and the sound of rolling thunder in the distance.  While Oregon sees a fair amount of rain each year, surprisingly we almost never have thunderstorms.  This is a huge contrast to what happens in Florida where it’s common to have a thunderstorm every time it rains!  I think I’ve gotten used to being in Oregon where I’m not usually hearing those sounds because when I hear the thunder now, it startles me.  The dog isn’t very fond of storms either.  If he was small enough to slip under the bed, I think he would have been there this morning.  Instead he sought shelter under the table in my craft room. 

Here is my swirly card inspired by the storm.  I don’t often use dark gray and bright colors together, but I think they work here by giving such contrast.  This “Swirly Bird” set seems to have endless possibilities for crafting.  It was fun to turn the circles into flowers by adding some small leaves. 

Take shelter in your crafty space today.  Crafting will make a even a gray day into a cheerful one!

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