Monday, June 6, 2016

Paper Makes Everything Better!


Here are some cards I’ve made in the past.  All these cards have something in common?  Can you figure out what it is?  I used Designer Series Paper on all of them and not just any paper, but the paper from the Paper Stacks.  Using paper makes it easy to finish a card and adds so much to the final project.  I love these paper stacks because the patterns of the paper are clean and do not distract from my stamped images.  There are words, dots, stripes, and mini-flower designs in the paper stacks.  I love them all!  The stacks come in color families and cost $22 each.  Considering there are 6 color families, that means in order to buy all the papers you would have to spend $132.  Ouch!  The other issue about buying all the stacks is that you have LOTS of paper.  I use my designer paper in moderation.  I rarely use more than a 2” piece on a card and I bet some of you do the same, which means you probably don’t need 240 sheets of 12x12 paper for card crafting.  So what’s a crafter to do?  Share the paper!  You could buy all the paper and cut it apart into equal pieces and share it with your friends.  Or you could share it with me!  I am buying all the paper and cutting it up into more manageable 6x6” pieces.  Would you like to purchase a share?  I will be dividing up the paper into 8 shares and the cost will be $18.  If you live out of town, I am happy to ship the paper to you for $6 (or $24 total.)  You’ll be receiving one 6x6” square each of 2 double-sided designs (the words & dots are on one sheet and the stripes & flowers on the other) of the Brights, Regals, Subtles, and Neutrals (80 sheets) and two 6x6” squares for each of the 2 double-sided In-Color collections (40 sheets.) 

The choice is yours!  You can get 240 12 x 12 pages for $132 or you can share the paper with me and get 120 6x6” squares for $18.  Shares are limited and are first-come-first served.  You may mail me a personal check or send me Paypal funds to

Let me know if you would like to participate & share this paper!      

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