Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cutie Treats for Halloween!

The September Paper Pumpkin kit is always my favorite one of the year because it has consistently contained cute Halloween treat containers.  This year I got test tubes!  I love these little guys!  I made a holder for each tube because I’m going to gift these to my friends and wanted it to be a little more special.  One of my neighbors saw them and said, “Oh wow.  You’re giving those out to the neighborhood kids.”  Umm.. No.  These are for my crafty friends!  The holders take a little work and I wanted to hand them out to people who would appreciate the craftiness involved, not just gobble down the candy.  (Although, I did put dark chocolate M&Ms inside, so the candy is awesome too!) 
I decorated the test tubes with the stamps and tags that came with the Paper Pumpkin kit.  The black cat tag is my personal favorite, but you all know how much I love cats!  (I just got some cute leggings with cats on them, too, but that’s another story!)  I made the holders from Basic Black & Tangerine Tango cardstock, paired with the Halloween Night designer series paper.  (I know someone is saying, but that paper has Pumpkin Pie as it’s orange.  And it does, but I wanted something a bit more vibrant, and I think it looks good even if it doesn’t match exactly.) 
All my tubes are filled with green M & Ms because those are the best, right?  Since I could not find bags with just green, my husband and I made the sacrifice and ate all the non-spooky (err.. non-green candies.  It’s just one of the small things I do for my craft.) 
I love this kit so much that I ordered some refills.  (Did you know that as a Paper Pumpkin subscriber, if you get a kit you like and need more items from the kit that you can buy just the refill for $8?  That’s a great perk!  But it’s only while supplies last and I have a feeling that these won’t last long.)  I’m already planning how I’m going to use these for Christmas treats.  hehe
Happy Stampin’!

PS - Want to make your own test tube holder?  Here is the link to the instructions I used: Test Tube Holder Instructions

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