Friday, October 28, 2016

Spider Love

I have a confession to make.  I love spiders.  I think most of my friends find me very odd that I frequently “save” spiders when I catch them indoors to move them outside.  (The spiders really, really want to live in my house, so keeping them out is a challenge!)  The only time this really bothers me is at night.  It seems that the spiders hide until I’m ready for bed.  As soon as I’m in bed and about to turn off the light, I often look up to find one on the ceiling.  Sigh.  Then it’s time to get out of bed, get a step stool and catch the spider.  The dog always gets excited when I’m opening the front door to evict the visitor since he thinks that means we’re heading out for a walk.  In essence, this ritual disrupts the whole family.  I just wish the spiders would let me catch them during the day and while I’m still dressed.  I’m sure the neighbors wonder why I’m outside in my nightgown so often!
Anyway, I made 2 not-so-spooky Halloween cards featuring a cute spider.  In essence they are the same card, but I turned one into a shaker card by using some fall colored sequins.  After making the shaker version, I felt bad for the “boring” spider on the other card, so I colored her and then added some gold Wink of Stella to fancy her up a bit.  I love them both, and that’s a problem since I have a hard time parting with cards I love.  lol  I may end up keeping them both!

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