Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Holiday Stamp Clearance + Trimmer Blades

Were there stamps in the last holiday catalog that you wanted, but didn't buy?  If so, now you have a 2nd chance.  For the first time ever, Stampin' Up is adding retired stamps to the Clearance Rack!  I'm not sure how they will be priced, but usually things on the Clearance Rack are a great deal.  I'm also assuming these are just stamps (no dies,) but maybe I'll be surprised.  Here are some examples of stamps offered beginning  at 12:01AM June 26th (midnight - Mountain time) and while supplies last:

Signs of Santa

Alpine Adventure (likely only the stamp set, not the dies)

Cauldron Bubble

Be sure to check out the clearance rack tomorrow to finish up your shopping from last year!

Also - The Trimmer Blades are coming (a day later.)  On Thursday, June 27th, the trimmer blades will be back in stock (while supplies last.)  They will, however, have purchase limits per customer.  With such limits, it may be easier for more people to get the blades they need for their Stampin' Trimmer.  

Happy Stampin!

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