Monday, August 12, 2019

Hallo! Over the Moon meets Milk Chocolate

This summer I had a crazy idea.  I decided to take a beginning German class so I could learn a new language.  Other than the few words I picked up from The Sound of Music, I really had no German language skills.  I also had not attempted to learn a foreign language since my teacher, Jackie Short, tried to make me into a fluent Spanish speaker back in the early 1980s.  I should mention here that despite taking Spanish for 2 years, I still know very little.  So, why then did I think I'd be a fluent German speaker after one short summer class at the community college?  Evidently I had forgotten how hard it is to learn a language.  The class ends this week and thus far I can say important phrases like, "My name is Vanessa" as well as the more important, "Where is the bathroom?"  Other than that, I'd say I'm a l-o-n-g way from being fluent.  I will continue my online studies at Duolingo, but will say that I'm so happy that many people in other countries are fluent in English.  It makes it much easier for this "English-speaking-only" tourist to successfully visit foreign lands.

Since the class ends this week, I decided to make parting gifts for my classmates and my teacher.  I chose a cow from the Over the Moon to decorate a candy bar wrapper.  (I figure it's fitting since I'm giving them milk chocolate.)  I found a German language stamp online, so I am using that for the greeting.  It says, "You are marvelous." 

Speaking of marvelous.... Are you one of my marvelous customers who placed an order last month and got a coupon (or coupons) to use this month?  If so, don't forget to redeem those.  They are only good during the month of August.

If you ordered $150 or more from me during the last 6 months, you will be receiving a holiday catalog in the mail.  Mine arrived today, so that means they are on the way!  Be sure to look for it because it's awesome! 
Happy Stampin!

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